The Uveeler Collection

This collection, remnants from the cultural and traditional world of Jewish communities that perished in the Holocaust, was donated to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Mark & Luba Uveeler, in order to share these precious works of Jewish art with those who pass through this house of learning

The Luba and Mark Uveeler Collection was assembled trough devoted efforts that spanned several decades and countries.

This is the work of people who loved traditional Jewish art in all its facets: in the synagoge and in the home, for Sabbath and for holidays.

They wish to construct a collection that showed the creative richness of diverse styles and communities. In donating the collection to the Hebrew University the Uveelers desired to have it placed on permanent display at the entrance to the Central Library on Mount Scopus.

Their aim was to enrich all those entering the building with a source of visual and cultural inspiration.


Festival Lights


The Cycle of Life



Channukah Lamps


The Synagogue
Spice Boxes for the Sabbath